Australian Association of Consultant Physicians

Member Get a Member Program

One of the AACP’s aims is to grow our membership to a size that is comparable to the number of practising consultant physicians and paediatricians. You have the opportunity to contribute to the growth of the AACP membership by personally endorsing the AACP to your colleagues and therefore strengthening our influence. This program is important as it increases our ability to reach your colleagues, who benefit from the AACP’s work but have not yet joined the AACP.

The AACP rewards its members who recruit new AACP members. 


For every new member you get to join, you will receive a discount of $50 off your next year’s membership fee. Introduce 4 new members within a calendar year and your next year’s fee will be free.

How to get started:


  • Direct your colleagues to the AACP website. Have them download and complete the Member-Get-A-Member application form. Ensure they fill out your name as the referring member.
Terms and Conditions:

The new member must join using the official Member-Get-A-Member application form, with the referring member's name clearly written on the application form for the member to receive discounts on their membership fee.

Start recruiting today!