Australian Association of Consultant Physicians

Renew your Membership

*The 2021 membership renewal notice will be sent out early January 2021

2021 Renewals

The AACP membership year follows the calendar year. Renewals are due before 1st January. 

2021 Renewal fee: $395.00 (Incl GST) 

How do I renew? 


Renew your membership online through your PayPal account.


Renew via BPAY through your bank's phone or internet banking facilities. Credit card, savings account or cheque account payments accepted.

Biller Code: 768689 
Reference number: located on your renewal notice


Please download a renewal form and return the completed form along with your cheque or credit card details to the AACP office.

Please make cheques payable to 'The Australian Association of Consultant Physicians Ltd'.

Automatic Renewal

If you selected automatic renewal in a previous year, this will continue unless the AACP is advised otherwise. If you would like to set up automatic renewal, please use the tick box on your renewal notice giving the AACP permission to automatically renew your membership each year using the credit card you provide. Alternatively, to arrange now please contact the AACP office.


Retired membership

If you have retired from active medical practice and would like to maintain your AACP membership, you may be eligible for a reduced membership rate. Please contact the Secretariat if you are no longer engaged in full time, gainfull employment or business (other than minor part-time activities).



Privacy of Information Provided for Membership Purposes
The AACP complies with National Privacy Principles and Legislation.
Personal information provided by members is collected, retained and will be disclosed only under the following conditions:
(i) for the purposes of processing membership applications and renewals;
(ii) in order to identify an individuals status as a member or an applicant for membership;
(iii) for the purposes of distributing AACP information and advising of meetings;
(iv) or any purpose that is deemed of interest to members; and
(v) Members are entitled to check the accuracy of their personal details at any time to ensure they are correct.